Mendocino Wedding Photographer | Mendocino, California

It takes a Village
Evan and Brian are truly Mendocino locals. Their families go back three generations!  So this really was a Village Wedding. Everyone pitched in, including a close friend of the family, and extremely talented florist, Khamoor of Mendocino Floral Design. The couple proudly drove Brian's restored hotrod that he'd worked on since they had met in high school, to their reception at Crowne Hall.  What a fantastic machine, it parked beautifully beside the stunning Evan in her vintage box veil (love it!).

"The pictures are beautiful!  Thank you."

Photography by Cassandra,

Mendocino Wedding Photographer | Benmore Valley Ranch | Lake County, California

The Westival
Lauren and John had such a cool wedding. They blended their love of music with their love for each other, creating an all weekend long experience called the Westival (wedding+festival). It was so much fun! And wow is Benmore a neat place.  They rented the entire property including a couple of small lakes, several houses, a great big barn for the reception and some vineyards to explore.  Really amazing!

"These are fabulous! I love how you captured all of our friends, the events. It's a nice mix of candids and action shots. :) 
Thanks again!   --Lauren"

Photography by Cassandra,

Mendocino Wedding Photographer | Harbor House Inn | Elk, California

Mendocino Elopement

George and Kelie had a very personal ceremony performed by James Sibbet, out in the gardens at the Harbor House Inn in Elk.  I luv this location!  Elk is like the edge of the world and the gardens frame and display this site perfectly.

This elopement was perfect, of course, because it was created specifically for them by the very talented Sonya of Mendocino Weddings, complete with gorgeous bouquet and the too cute, wedding cake made for two.

"The pictures are beautiful!! We are so very pleased with them.  --Kelie"

Photography by Cassandra,

Mendocino Wedding Photographer | Oz Farm | Point Arena, California

A Match Made in OZ

John and Cheryl had a really natural and heartfelt wedding next to the Garcia River on the Oz Farm property in Point Arena. Really an amazing location for anyone looking for an earthy and personal affair. The cabins are rustic but really beautiful, the barn and orchard are so sweet and the grounds offer it all- river, forest, gardens, etc.  I am really looking forward to my next wedding at OZ.

"We LOVE the photographs!  They are so beautiful and you really captured the feel of the day and place.  Thank you so much!  John shed a few tears while we were looking at them.   
Thanks! Cheryl" 

Photography by Cassandra,

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